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Technical Support

Are technical issues hindering your church's live stream and audio equipment? Don't worry; The Daniel Group has you covered! We understand the unique challenges churches face when it comes to AVL (Audio, Video, and Lighting) systems, and we're here to provide you with expert remote tech support to keep your services running smoothly.


Live Stream

Ensure your online services run smoothly with our assistance in troubleshooting and optimizing live stream computers.


Audio Consoles

Achieve pristine sound quality during your worship services by letting us resolve any audio console problems.


Lighting & Video

From cameras and LED walls to lighting consoles and fixtures,, our team can address issues with your video equipment, ensuring that your message is conveyed effectively.


Image by Shaun Frankland


Request Support

Contact us to schedule a remote tech support session. Tell us about the issue you're facing and when you need assistance.


Connect with a Technician

A qualified technician will connect remotely to your computer or AVL system at the scheduled time


Troubleshoot and Resolve

Our technician will diagnose the problem and work with you to find a solution in real-time. Support hours are billed by the hour ensuring cost effective and efficient support. 

Contact Us Today

Don't let technical challenges disrupt your church services. Contact The Daniel Group today for reliable and church-focused remote tech support services. Our team is dedicated to helping you create meaningful worship experiences for your congregation.

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